Executive Summary


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Providing a great digital experience is rapidly becoming table stakes in today’s world. Consumers expect organizations to have websites and mobile apps that delight, enchant, and satisfy their needs. Organizations struggle to understand, “What are those needs?” It’s not just information. It’s not just informing a purchase decision. Thanks to digital’s power to enable one-to-one conversations, consumers expect much more. They expect organizations to develop a relationship with them over time.

Recommend This! helps organizations better engage digital audiences by creating and delivering digital experiences that focus on building and sustaining deep and meaningful relationships.


The book is broken down into six major areas:

  • Digital Impact on Business—anecdotal and scientific insight into how digital is transforming business, what that means for marketing, and how it impacts the relationships that organizations have with their audiences.
  • The importance of relationships—how we form relationships in the real and digital world
  • Measuring relationships—tools for measuring the potential value of individual relationships, using that understanding to better segment and personalize interactions, and optimizing the organizations ability to optimize relationship value.
  • Relationship characteristics—a breakdown of the 9 characteristics of successful relationship building in the physical world, how they translate to the digital world
  • The power of communities—why online communities are one of the best means to engage with digital audiences, and how to take advantage of this relationship building gold.
  • Delivering digital experiences—the ins-and-outs of delivering digital experiences that excite, enchant, and engage consumers.
  • The future—what a business might look like in 50 years as it attempts to develop and build relationships through digital technologies


The book is a practical how-to guide for developing and managing relationships online.  It offers insights in the science behind digital relationship development, and provides hands on examples and lessons that will help every organization that seeks to expand its online reach, and better manage its online relationships.