Between the Covers


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Here is what you’ll find between the covers of Recommend This!

[accordions title=”” disabled=”false” active=”0″ autoheight=”false” collapsible=”true”][accordion title=”Preface”]In the preface, we try to answer the question “Is Digital Marketing Dead?” as a springboard for everything we discuss in the book.[/accordion][accordion title=”Introduction”]In the introduction, we dig a little deeper into this concept of digital vs. real-world relationships. Are they really different? But also trying to answer the question of why we, as organizations, struggle with digital relationships. We even have a great story about how organizations fail at digital from technology celebrity Robert Scoble.[/accordion][accordion title=”Chapter 1: Business as Usual is Over…or is it?”]In chapter 1 we use a powerful story of a local hardware shop, B.L. Ogilvie & Sons to demonstrate the 9 key characteristics of how we form relationships.[/accordion][accordion title=”Chapter 2: Digital Changes Everything”]In this chapter we define “digital” and explore how it has radically altered the way organizations connect with their customers through technologies like social media. This chapter explores, briefly, the major social networks as well as some of the other killer digital trends like online video and mobility.[/accordion][accordion title=”Chapter 3: The Importance of Relationships”]In this chapter, we dig into detail on what makes up relationships, their different stages and levels and what challenges have, historically, hindered us from developing more relationships.[/accordion][accordion title=”Chapter 4: How We Connect in the Digital World”]In this chapter, we get into the science around how and why we connect and what that means in the digital world. But we also introduce the foundation of the Relationship Economy: a new buyer’s journey that has been re-invented by digital processes and the 4 “relationship types” that organizations must acknowledge as they try to engage with online audiences.[/accordion][accordion title=”Chapter 5: Measuring the Value of Relationships”]This chapter exposes the Relawatt Equation and how it can be applied to measure the value of individual relationships as part of a relationship network.[/accordion][accordion title=”Chapter 6: Bridging Digital”]This chapter is simply a “bridge” chapter to the next 9 chapters that cover the characteristics of relationships we explored in the early chapters of the book.[/accordion][accordion title=”Chapter 7: Understanding Need”]This chapter covers the first characteristic, Need, of the 9 characteristics of a relationship.[/accordion][accordion title=”Chapter 8: Developing History”]This chapter covers the second characteristic, History, of the 9 characteristics of a relationship.[/accordion][accordion title=”Chapter 9: Offering Curation”]This chapter covers the third characteristic, Curation, of the 9 characteristics of a relationship.[/accordion][accordion title=”Chapter 10: Recognizing Faces”]This chapter covers the fourth characteristic, Faces, of the 9 characteristics of a relationship. This chapter also goes into detail on some of the science of why we are drawn to video.[/accordion][accordion title=”Chapter 11: Telling Stories”]This chapter covers the fifth characteristic, Stories, of the 9 characteristics of a relationship as well as explores some of the science of how we are affected by stories.[/accordion][accordion title=”Chapter 12: Being Authentic”]This chapter covers the sixth characteristic, Authenticity, of the 9 characteristics of a relationship.[/accordion][accordion title=”Chapter 13: Delivering Consistency”]This chapter covers the seventh characteristic, Consistency, of the 9 characteristics of a relationship.[/accordion][accordion title=”Chapter 14: Maintaining Credibility”]This chapter covers the eighth characteristic, Credibility, of the 9 characteristics of a relationship.[/accordion][accordion title=”Chapter 15: Helpfulness”]This chapter covers the ninth characteristic, Helpfulness, of the 9 characteristics of a relationship.[/accordion][accordion title=”Chapter 16: Nurturing Online Communities”]In this chapter, we delve into the power of communities as a digital equivalent to the “general store.” This chapter also covers five steps every organization should take when deciding to launch a community.[/accordion][accordion title=”Chapter 17: Delivering the Promise”]This chapter talks about the need for organizations to pay special attention to the performance of their digital experiences. Without the best performance, there’s no opportunity to engage (and develop relationships) with digital audiences.[/accordion][accordion title=”Chapter 18: Looking Forward”]In this final chapter of the book, we return to the original story of Ogilvie & Sons but entirely from a digital perspective to illustrate some of the trends that will define relationship building in the future of digital.[/accordion][/accordions]