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Deftly weaving the worlds of storytelling, brain science, marketing automation, and social media, Jason and Kirby offer a common sense approach to engaging online audiences, and converting them to raving fans. Recommend This! is highly recommended!

John Neeson (Co-Founder, Sirius Decisions)


Practical, sound advice for anyone who wants to stop shoving messages down an audiences throat and start actively engaging with them – a far, far, more effective way to market.

Steve Duplessie (Founder, Enterprise Strategy Group)


Written in a totally usable style, and designed for quick referencing, Recommend This! should become part of the canon for 21st century marketers grappling with the new centrality of relationships in how we sell, market and support our customers.

Brad O’Neil (CEO, TechValidate)


Big Data makes it possible to create personalized online interactions, and now Recommend This! shows us how to use that power to fully engage every visitor. Read This Book!

Chris Lynch (Partner, Atlas Ventures)


As an early stage investor, I see intense competition across a lot of markets every day. Companies need a way to differentiate and it’s hard to do it on products. Jason and Kirby have deftly explained the only way to truly differentiate is through relationships, and they have provided a roadmap to help companies start focusing on building them.

Will Stewart (Venture Capitalist)


Connections, relationships, and insight – we all need it. Jason and Kirby have fundamentally reminded us of the critical need to meet people where they are – customers, friends, loved ones, neighbors – each provides us with the opportunity to connect in a genuine way. Technology becomes the powerful enabler, but without a roadmap we will never capitalize on our potential. Jason and Kirby offer a pragmatic, solutions oriented approach to help us drive business and personal relationships. Story after story demonstrates that technology is not just about efficiency, it’s about relationships.

Jane Shannon & Sandy Brisentine (My Executive Solutions)


The daily increase in online noise makes connecting with digital audiences ever more difficult. Recommend This! offers a thoughtful hands-on approach to breaking through the noise, to make and optimize online relationships.

Dr. Ellen Larry (former VP and GM at Xiotech)


Digital experience is how we now create and manage relationships. Recommend This! is a breakthrough – not only offering a new method for measuring the value of relationship networks, but offering a practical guide to optimizing that value.

Michael Levinger (President and CEO, Digital Collaboration Solutions)


The new marketer needs to know not only how to build relationships and trust quickly, but also how to get attention on social networks. Having data isn’t enough. Your company needs to build a new emotional intelligence and Jason and Kirby shows you how to do that.

The difference between helping and selling is just two letters. But those two letters produce vastly better relationships. This book will show you how to build your business by being undeniably useful. Highly recommended.

Jay Baer (New York Times Best Selling Author of Youtility)


Business success today means creating an audience online. It’s that simple. Our customers have so many places they can get information from. Why should they pay attention to you at all. Take this book, get out your marker, and let the note-taking begin. This book will change the way you look at your marketing, and your business.

Joe Pulizzi (Founder, Content Marketing Institute, Author of Epic Content Marketing)


Welcome to the ‘Age of Influence,’ where anyone can build an audience and effect change, advocate brands, build relationships and make a difference. Kirby and JT have written a practical guide to help us do just that.

Ted Rubin (Social Marketing Strategist, Keynote Speaker, Author of Return on Relationship)


Time to wake up, people. Organizations that want to succeed in tomorrow’s digital world have to be radical. And that’s what Jason and Kirby do through Recommend This!–propose and support a radical idea that business is all about relationships and then they give you the Rosetta Stone to translate it to digital.

Recommend This! is a breakthrough in relationship management thinking, not only offering a new method for measuring the value of relationship networks, but offering a practical guide to optimizing that value.

Nigel Dessau (CMO, Stratus Technologies)


Developing a holistic view of buyer’s goals, which includes determining their relationship desires and styles, is critical to forming an effective digital marketing strategy. This book lays out a practical step-by-step approach that any marketer can use to build effective relationships with customers online.

Tony Zambito (Creator of Buyer Persona)