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ResultsFrom your marketing not what you want?

Then stop "talking at" your audience and start "engaging with" them. Learn how to build relationships in Recommend This!.

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EngageBetter digitally

Maximize the relationships with your online audience. Understand the 9 characteristics that lead to deep, meaningful connections.

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MeasureThe value of your relationship network

Stop the guesswork with your targeted marketing. Know with whom you should engage by using the Recommend This! Relawatt™ equation.

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What You'll Learn In This Book


Business today is all about relationships. But there isn't a manual on how to create them through digital channels. Until now. Recommend This! will help you translate how you create relationships in the real world to the digital.


Measure which relationships you should focus on with this powerful equation that will tell you the people in your relationship networks that have the most 'potential energy' to have a meaningful impact on your business.

Tricks and Techniques

Each chapter ends with a 'helpful hints' section to give you practical advice on forming deep and meaningful relationships with your digital audience. Click on the button below to see more about what's inside each chapter!

Foreword to Recommend This! by CEO and Founder of Marketo, Phil Fernandez

In Revenue Disruption, I claimed that virtually all buying processes—whether as consumers or businesspeople—begin well out of reach of traditional advertising, marketing, and sales activities. At this very early stage, buyers may have an idea about something they want, a feeling about an unmet need, a vague sense that there must be something out there to scratch an itch. Buyers search online, and begin to conduct research—whether they consciously realize they are doing so or not. They begin to scope out their options. They ask their networks of friends and connections for advice and recommendations. They latch on to helpful content, wherever they find it. And today, most often this all happens online, often anonymously, in the vast and ever-changing sea of digital and social media.

In response, I introduced the term Seed Nurturing: the notion that any organization with something to sell must get to these protobuyers early on, providing useful information to mold the buyer’s process and planting the seeds for a future sale. Yet at this early stage of the revenue cycle model, it is very uncommon for a vendor to have a relationship with these protobuyers, and even if it does, it’s unlikely that the vendor knows that these early-stage buyers are considering its offerings. The organization and the buyer are strangers.

But there is rich pay dirt here. If we can begin to master this early stage of the revenue cycle, our organizations have an opportunity to stand out, separate from the pack, outcompete our rivals, and drive real profitable revenue growth. To do this, we must redefine our marketing and sales process. Success is no longer about finding buyers, it’s about being found by those who might eventually value our offerings and services.

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